Werner Schairer - Consultant

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After weeks and months of hard work you need to relax!

Why don't you book my holiday apartment at Langenargen / Lake Constance for a week or two? It is good for up to 4 persons with 2 bed rooms. You find a description of the apartment at www.fewo-wernerschairer.de - information about Langenargen may be obtained at www.langenargen.de.

Holidays on Lake Constance are exciting all year round but the winter months between November and February are usually cold and only recommended for reading books or magazines indoors. Spring with all its flowers, magnolia and apple blossoms can be experienced from April to May. The best time is June to August when the weather is usually warm enough to go swimming at the beaches, to sail and enjoy the sun. Fall from September to October is recommended for hiking and wine tasting.

Please ask for a booking via e-mail werner_schairer@yahoo.com if you are interested.